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IT Services

We offer a wide range of professional IT services, including both “traditional” on premise IT services and cloud solutions, from hardware and managed IT services through to Software as a Service (SaaS) and full cloud infrastructures. No matter what service you choose you can be assured we will be on hand to provide helpful advice, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment.


Many organisations already outsource part of their operation, either to reduce costs or increase efficiency. IT is no different. If you have limited in-house expertise or your IT resource is under strain outsourcing can provide a cost-effective solution. If IT is becoming an obstacle in your business, we have a solution for you from hardware and cloud computing through to managed IT services.

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Outsourcing IT can be used instead of having in-house IT staff, or to take the pressure off of your in-house resources – not, as feared by many IT staff, to replace resource. By investing in IT services you can get access to a large resource pool (people or compute resource) without the need to make a significant investment – pay for what you use.

IT Buyer’s Guide

Download the IT buyers guide and find out more about key considerations when selecting a new IT provider.

Our Services

Cloud Hosting – we deliver software applications, desktops, servers and entire IT infrastructures via the web, with high levels of accessibility, resilience and security:

  • IaaS – Get the IT Infrastructure you need to support your business, without the expense
  • SaaS – Business software applications in the cloud, accessible from anywhere
  • VDI – Your desktop from anywhere, on any device

VPS – the privacy of a separate physical server while offering connectivity, resilience and security benefits of a virtual server

Office 365 – the cloud based productivity suite from Microsoft, Office 365 for Business delivers next-generation communication and collaboration tools.

Backups – We support your disaster recovery (DR) strategy by backing up your business data on our cloud platform. Therefore, should disaster strike your key IT Infrastructure remains secure, and can be reinstated quickly so you experience minimal downtime.

Server Monitoring – We monitor your servers and devices, for proactive recognition and counteractive action of potential threats to your data.

Consultancy – We provide a consultancy service to ensure you benefit from the software and IT infrastructure that exactly meets your business needs and can deliver a fast return on investment.

Managed IT Services – TotalCare offers the best in managed IT services, providing unparalleled support and system maintenance. We will prevent and resolve your IT issues as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

IT Services

Office 365

Office 365 for buisness

A cloud based productivity suite including familiar Office applications, world-class email, 1TB of storage and HD conferencing tools, with in built security and compliance.

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Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to ensure your business is protected in case of a disaster, natural or human-induced.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Have your software applications, servers and entire IT infrastructure hosted in the Cloud, with high levels of accessibility, resilience and security.

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Managed IT Services

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Let us take care of your IT including updates, maintenance, backups and technical issues to ensure your business operates smoothly at all times.

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