Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer-centric CRM solution designed to support effective customer lifecycle management, from initial lead through to after sale activity.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Modules

Like most CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics is divided into three main sections: sales, marketing automation and customer service.

Each module shares the same database whilst providing users in different job roles with functionality relevant to their position.

For Sales

All the tools you need to successfully manage every stage of the sales process, from the initial lead through to lead tracking and analysis. Reduce the sales cycle, improve conversions and increase revenue.

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For Marketing

The marketing module facilitates effective campaign management, including direct mail, telemarketing, e-mail and social media. Linked to the sales module, it enables sales people to respond quickly to leads.

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For Service

The customer service module acts as a central repository for all client information, enquiries and service history, allowing representatives to provide a more responsive service supporting customer retention.

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Features and Benefits

Easy to use: Microsoft CRM closely integrates with Microsoft Office applications which makes it easy to use and encourages user adoption.

Mobile: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile allows field based staff to access the database anytime and anywhere, through any mobile device or smartphone.

Security: Dynamics CRM is built on the Microsoft SQL Server, which offers increased security of your company data. Information that is stored will remain confidential and be safe from loss or corruption.

Simplified Communications: Simplify your communications with built-in mail-merge capability, email templates, and one-click conversion of email messages.

Real-Time Insights: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and your return on investment with real-time dashboards, pre-built reports and data visualisation tools.

Social Listening: Used in conjunction with Dynamics CRM Online, social listening allows a marketing department to deliver timely messages that resonate with an audience for better social engagement.

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Case Study

Farriers Registration Council
Having reviewed its existing systems, it was apparent Farrier Registration Council (FRC) needed a secure and resilient solution to protect customer data, ensuring compliance with Data Protection legislation. By implementing Microsoft CRM Cloud, the company is now able to guarantee...
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