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Data entry issues

Overcome Data Entry Issues with Picklists

Does data entry cause you problems? Is it possible to extract the information you need without manual workarounds? Can you segment data easily?  According to Experian, when it comes to data inaccuracy human error, in particular spelling mistakes, is one …Read More

Dynamics 365: Voice of the Customer Surveys

Do you want to improve your services? Would you like to exceed customer expectations? Do you want to drive loyalty and repeat business? Today, a superior customer experience is key to driving customer satisfaction. According to Experian, a 5 per …Read More

Improve Sage 200 reports with Power BI

WEBEX: Improve your Sage 200 Reports with Power BI

Is your reporting restrictive? Would you prefer more visual reports? Do you lack flexibility to query more dimensions? By combining Sage 200 & Microsoft Power BI you can quickly convert your data into meaningful insights with rich visual dashboards, accessible …Read More