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Data Quality Best Practices

7 Data Quality Best Practices

After realising the cost of ‘Dirty Data’ to your business and recognising the benefits of achieving data quality nirvana, you will likely be interested in finding out how to get there. Here we share our Top 7 Data Quality Best …Read More

Sage 50c accounts software

Should I upgrade to Sage 50c Accounts?

So, the new Sage 50c has just been released and you are probably asking yourself, ‘what does this mean for me?’, ‘should I upgrade to Sage 50c?’. When considering an upgrade it is important to know all the facts to make …Read More

Reasons to address data quality

5 Reasons Data Quality is Essential for Success

Reliable, accurate and timely data is essential for effective decision making. Despite this, data quality remains a challenge for most businesses. And, as your business grows the volume of data grows too, amplifying the problem, the risk and the cost …Read More