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Swiftpage E-Marketing makes email marketing simple, providing an easy to use email marketing solution for creating and executing professional email marketing campaigns. In addition, Swiftpage offers integration to a range of CRM solutions which means results can be recorded directly into your customer database for easy analysis and prioritising follow ups.

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Swiftpage Features and Benefits

Smart Sending Features- There are a number of smart sending features available with Swiftpage, incuding send now and scheduled send options. In addition there is a send as feature which enables email marketing messages to appear to be sent by an individual, for instance the customer account manager, which helps to improve results as people are more receptive to emails that come from a recognised address.

Simple Template Editor- The Swiftpage Online Editor enables you to create professional email marketing templates quickly and easily. Templates can be set up to link to websites, landing zones, surveys and pdf documents to enhance the content of your communications.

Database Integration- Swiftpage now integrates with all the CRM solutions in the Sage range - Sage ACT!, Sage CRM and Sage SalesLogix. With database integration you can send Swiftpage E-marketing messages and view success rates directly from within your database.

Deliverability- Swiftpage is a reputable email service provider and they take Spam compliance seriously. The superior standards maintained by Swiftpage ensure that email marketing communications sent using Swiftpage get to the recipient Inbox and not the Spam filters.

Tracking Capabilities- Access valuable email marketing metrics uing Swiftpage, including opened, clicked, bounced and suppressed emails. What's more, this information can be fed into your CRM database for analysis and to feed sales activities.

Personalise Mail Merge- The mail merge feature in Swiftpage means personalised fields can be added to email templates to make your communications seem personal, created specifically for the recipient.

For more information about Swiftpage call now on 0800 652 2423 or email enquiries@dmcsoftware.co.uk.

Swiftpage Emarketing

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