Please Note: Saleslogix was acquired by Infor in 2014 and is now known as Infor CRM.

Saleslogix v8.1

Saleslogix Saleslogix 8.1 is the latest Saleslogix release, and the first release from Swiftpage following the acquisition of Saleslogix from Sage in March 2013.

This edition really highlights Swiftpage’s commitment to drive Saleslogix forward, there has been significant investment in research and development and the new Salelogix reflects current and future CRM trends – including more insightful customer interactions via new mobile and social media capabilities.

What’s New in 8.1?

You can expect from Saleslogix v8.1 a much improved mobile experience (with Saleslogix Mobile 3.0), advanced Outlook integration, broader IT compatibility, in depth social tracking and more sophisticated reporting and analytics. These new updated features in Saleslogix v8.1 will give you:-

  • Increased productivity
  • Better understanding of customer and bying behaviour
  • Advanced customer engagement tools

Brochure Download the SalesLogix CRM Brochure (PDF).

Deployment Options

When implementing Saleslogix you have a choice in how your end users access the system. Chose from LAN (Windows), Web or Mobile Clients.

  • Windows Client – the Windows client is installed locally and accessed using a PC, ideal for office based users.
  • Web Client – the web client is installed on your local network and accessed via a web browser, ideal for field based users.
  • Mobile Client– with the introduction of Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 it is possible to have Mobile Only Saleslogix users (Saleslogix is the first in the CRM industry to offer this), ideal for lite users that are field based, for example service engineers.

Saleslogix v8.1 Features and Benefits

Multiple Attendees per activity – Inspired by requests from existing Saleslogix users, Swiftpage have introduced the ability to add multiple contacts to activities within Saleslogix 8.1. You can add and manage multiple contacts or leads to your activities for better efficiency.

Social Integration – Social Media, once regarded as a fad, is going nowhere. With Social Media here to stay more and more businesses are looking to Social CRM. Saleslogix v8.1 introduces new Social tools that link with Twitter and LinkedIn to help you engage better with your customer base. Not only can you see customer Social activity within Saleslogix you can also act on your findings, helping you to build stronger customer relationships.

Advanced Outlook Integration- new Outlook integration capabilities enable Saleslogix data to be embedded in Outlook. Users will benefit from a Saleslogix toolbar which enables users to “record to history” and initiate synchronisation from Outlook for imporved productivity.

In-Depth Reporting and Analytics– In the new release the reporting capabilities have been transfromed. Saleslogix v8.1 offers new widgets and upgraded reporting engines for improved analysis, while enabling users to schedule reports, view past reports as a snap shot and save reports as attachments.

Built for Mobility– Saleslogix v8.1 has developed more features to give you a complete mobile experience, including mobile only licensing. New global and contextual menus, KPIs and Charts enable easy to view information for up to the minute information when on the move.

Broader system compatibility– Saleslogix v8.1 boasts improved support for browsers, including the latest version s of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. In addition to browser compatibility, 8.1 also offers support for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office.

Saleslogix v8.1 is the next generation of CRM and provides the functionality to build more profitable long-term customer relationships.

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