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Improve your cash flow and get paid quicker with Credit Hound

Credit Hound is award-winning credit control software that integrates with Sage accounting products, including Sage 50 and Sage 200. Credit Hound helps to improve credit control processes, subsequently increasing cash flow, reducing bad debts and ultimately, improving your bank balance.

Calculate the savings Credit Hound can offer your business.

The Home Page dashboard within Credit Hound allows you to see essential facts and figures in one place, and because the data is live you can drill down to focus on the details that are most important to your job role. From the dashboard you can see the following elements:

  • Where’s My Money?
  • Who’s Got My Money?
  • Who’s Paid Me?
  • Diary Reminders
  • Disputes

Credit Hound also includes a unique automated “self chase” feature which allows you to chase 60 or more customers in the same time it would take to chase 6 using traditional manual methods. As well as offering time savings Credit Hound offers additional returns in terms of bank charges, postage and stationery.

Credit Hound Features and Benefits

Cash flow is essential to running a successful business- without cash there is no business. Credit Hound is designed to automate and streamline every aspect of credit control management, helping you to get paid sooner. With Credit Hound you will:

  • Reduce debtors days
  • Improve cash flow
  • Promote faster resolution of disputes
  • Enable higher customer to staff ratio
  • Build better customer relations
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Benefit from IT Integration
  • Cut out duplication/wasted time

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Credit Hound

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